The role of the Ferning Test in rhinitis work-up.

Giorgio Ciprandi


BackgroundFerning test is a fruitful method to evaluate mucus characteristics in the work-up of patients with mucous dysfunction. 

Objective The aim of the present study was to investigate the role of ferning test in patients with rhinitis and to evaluate the grading of ferning (type I-IV) in each rhinitis type in clinical practice.

Methods The study was cross-sectional including consecutive patients visited. The setting was a third level Rhinology Unit. Globally, 182 patients with rhinitis were enrolled and 30 healthy subjects as control. Patients were subdivided according to the type of rhinitis: allergic (59), infectious (32), polyps (31), NARES (30) and NARNE (30).

Results Normal subjects had only type I and II, whereas patients with rhinitis usually showed type III or IV. Allergic rhinitis and nasal polyps had the most severe ferning impairment (type IV).

Conclusions Ferning test could be considered a fruitful method to evaluate mucus alterstions in patients with rhinitis and could be included as a new parameter in the work-up of rhinitis.


Palabras clave

rhinitis, ferning, inflammation, work-up.


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