Delayed allergic reaction to furosemide with a positive lymphocyte transformation test

Olga Patricia Monge Ortega



Introduction: Furosemide is the most commonly prescribed loop diuretic worldwide. Although its extended use, furosemide rarely induces allergic reactions. Until 2013, only 49 cases of furosemide allergy had been described.

Case report: We have reported on a patient who developed a delayed, erythematous and pruritic skin eruption after the ingestion of furosemide. The implication of furosemide in the reaction was established by a positive lymphocyte transformation test (LTT).

Conclusion: This is the first reported case of hypersensitivity to furosemide in which this drug was confirmed as the trigger by a positive LTT. LTT could become a decent diagnostic alternative for patients who experience delayed reactions to furosemide.


Palabras clave

Allergy; delayed reaction; furosemide; lymphocyte transformation test.


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